The aim of this project is to automatically locate and process ID documents in an image or video stream. The data that you provide will be used to train and test the algorithm for Digital On-Boarding Services (DOBS).

The project consists of 10 sessions. For each session, you will record 1 photo and 1 video of a Driving License or an ID card that you might use in place of a driving license in different locations and lighting which will help improve ID document detection in different environments. You only need 1 document to take part in this project.

The project will take you approximately 5 to 10 minutes to complete. Once your images and videos pass quality checks, you will be paid a fixed rate displayed in AppenConnect. The rate shown is for one accepted participation (a project of 10 sessions = 20 pictures/videos).
• Have access to any smartphone device
• Driving license or another ID card document to be submitted should belong to yourself

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*Your submitted document will only be accessed by Appen's client to train and test the algorithm for automated ID document recognition software. For more details please check consent statements in app or contact Appen directly for any questions.

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